PV Schools

Dear Putnam Valley Community:

Please consider joining me for our first-ever virtual Superintendent’s Listening Hour.  The meeting will begin at 5:45 pm on Wednesday, April 29.  This will be an opportunity for us to share perspectives as we consider our opportunities and challenges.

It would be very helpful if you would consider emailing questions in advance to connected@pvcsd.org. This email will also be monitored during the meeting.

A nurse from the Putnam County Health Department will be one of our panelists and attendees will be able to participate in this webinar discussion via live chat.

I look forward to spending some time together on Wednesday, April 29, at 5:45 pm. Please click here to join:  https://zoom.us/j/92046161153?pwd=Smk0bHJTQmRTUTY3L1diSnc0dHhoUT09

Thank you,

Dr. Jeremy Luft
Superintendent of Schools


Email from Dr. Luft 4/17/20
Meals available for all – click for link