PV Schools

2022 Putnam Valley School District Goals
Adopted by the Board of Education: October 13, 2022

Aspire & Empower


  • Identifying and enhancing effective systems and structures to support student learning
    • Multi Tier Systems of Support (MTSS) Leadership Team
    • Implement and evaluate academic program
    • Pursue greatness
  • Develop and implement communication strategies to engage community members
    • Newsletters
    • Steering committees
    • Advisory committee
    • Community partnerships (PTA, PVEF, etc.)
    • Parent evenings
    • Social media
    • Website and mobile app
  • Emphasize the importance of personal and professional growth
    • Professional development
    • Faculty/Department/Grade Level meetings
    • Personal goal setting
    • Remaining future focused 


  • Pursuing opportunities for leadership roles
    • Teacher and student leadership positions
    • Facilitation of professional learning
    • Committee membership
    • Turn-key trainers
    • Leadership for all (collaboration, modeling, sharing, etc)
    • Sharing best practices
  • Promote a positive school climate and culture
    • Present at events (music, arts, academics, and athletics)
    • Valuing your colleagues 
    • Building relationships with students and adults
    • Participation in building activities
    • Open and honest discussions, collaborative problem solving
  • Access wide range of learning opportunities and spaces
    • Embrace learning differences
    • Experiential learning opportunities (field trips, virtual experiences, outdoor learning spaces, etc)
    • Connect with community partners
    • Encourage innovation and risk taking in instruction