PV Schools


The Child First and Foremost: Building a Foundation for the Future


The PVCSD, in partnership with our families and
community, will ensure that all students are engaged in a
challenging, student-focused educational program,
understand and assume their responsibility for life-long
learning, work to achieve their personal best and become
productive citizens in a diverse global society.

A life long learner who:

  • demonstrates proficiency in a core foundation
    of academics
  • possesses skills to pursue success in future endeavors
  • participates in or/and appreciates the arts
  • utilizes available resources and technologies
  • demonstrates complex thinking, problem
    solving and decision making skills
  • takes risks that lead to positive outcomes in learning
  • demonstrates self-awareness, initiative,
    motivation and determination to achieve
    personal best

A respectful and responsible citizen who:

  • functions appropriately in family, workplace, community and society
  • makes informed moral judgements and ethical decisions
  • recognizes and responds to the needs and
    rights of others
  • actively engages in the enhancement and preservation of the environment
  • participates in the democratic process
  • demonstrates an awareness of community and responsibility to the community

A cooperative worker who:

  • thinks independently and successfully collaborates with others
  • respects individual and other points of view
  • investigates, evaluates and revises ideas with an open mind

An effective communicator who:

  • demonstrates competency in reading, writing, listening and speaking for a variety of purposes
  • appropriately uses multiple forms of expression to enhance and improve knowledge

A physically and mentally healthy individual who:

  • understands and exercises effective mental and physical health practices
  • demonstrates confidence and self-worth in positive risk taking endeavors
  • assumes responsibility for his/her actions