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Pupil Personnel Services are those legally required services that enable students to benefit from instructional programs such as nursing, guidance, psychology, social work and special education. The Pupil Personnel Services staff serves all children in the district, including general education students, students with disabilities, students at risk and students who are gifted.

Putnam Valley Central School District Pupil Personnel and Student Services

Office of Special Education and Student Services

Natalie Doherty
(845) 528-8130 ext. 1307
Assistant Superintendent for
Pupil Personnel Services & Human Resources, Foster Care Point of Contact
Melissa Estrella
(845) 528-8130 ext. 1315
Chairperson CSE
Toni Pozzanghera
(845) 528-8130 ext. 1317
Senior Office Assistant
Alicia Hunter
(845) 528-8130 ext. 1318
Office Assistant, District Registrar, Free and Reduced Price Lunch Program, Foster Care Point of Contact

High School

Eva Wayne
(845) 528-8130 ext. 1329
Kayla Morales
(845) 526-7847 ext. 1503
Social Worker
Gina Noto
(845) 528-8130 ext. 1398

Middle School

Jason Kane
(845) 528-8101 ext. 1219
Leighann Bale
(845) 528-8101 ext. 1206
Social Worker

Elementary School

Susan O’Connell
(845) 528-8092 ext. 1104
Mary Sullivan
(845) 528-8092 ext. 1116