MAGMAH was founded by six of our sophomore students in the fall of 2013.

This student led soccer program focuses on providing special needs children with an opportunity to be physically active in a non-competitive, enjoyable, relaxed environment. Improving social skills while developing soccer skills is the foundation of the program. Madyson Winogradoff, Ashley Volpe, Grace Mazza, Max Martins, Harrison Deegan and Anders Spittal recruited, trained and supervised approximately 35 classmates who volunteered to run two one hour sessions for six weeks in the fall and two one hour sessions for eight weeks in the spring. The program has grown to serve 25 special needs student athletes each season. Now seniors, they have spent the past year training their successors: Meredith Conlin, Maddie Deegan, Morgan Winogradoff, Lukas Azcue & Marc Zadrima. The MAGMAH program has received ongoing support from the school community. The students who founded MAGMAH are hopeful that the program will continue to grow and to provide local special needs children with an opportunity to make new friends and feel connected to the larger community.