A Message From The Principal

PVHS Parents and Guardians: Regents Info and June Calendar

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This has been a school year like no other! Due to interrupted learning throughout the past year, The New York State Education Department has given schools flexibility regarding the administration of Regents exams. As a result, PVHS will be offering Regents exams in English, Living Environment, Algebra I and Earth Science for this June to any student who wishes to take them. All other Regents exams have been cancelled by NYSED.

NYSED has also made Regents exam exemptions for graduation. As a result, no student will be penalized or prohibited from graduation due to failing a Regents exam this year.

Additional Information on Regents examinations:

  • The student must pass the course ending in a Regents exam.
  • Regents exams will not be averaged into Final course averages this year.
  • Testing will take place on campus only.

Q: If a student is not scheduled to take any of the four required Regents Exams, do they need to come to school those days? No

Q: Are students required to sit for the Regents exams that are scheduled?   

All students who are in a class that is scheduled to take one of the 4 Regents exams are strongly encouraged to take the exam as they have been preparing for it all year long.

Q:  So why should a student sit for an exam if it’s no longer required? 

The Regents exam still represents a cumulative assessment of the content and skills they have been working on all year.  It is good practice for students to sit for a cumulative exam of this nature, and it can only benefit, not harm the student’s overall grade.

Q:  Will the Regents exams count toward a student’s Final Average in the course? PVHS will not count the Regents exam toward the final average.

Q:  If a student fails an exam that is required for graduation, will they need to retake the exam?   No.  As long as the student has passed the class, they will be exempt from the graduation requirement, and thus will not need to retake the exam at a late date.

Q: What if I am an eLearner, do I need to come into school to take the exam? No.  Students who have been remote all year do not need to come into school to take the exam and would be considered exempt.

If your son/daughter would like to participate in the administration of Regents examinations please complete this form by May 14th to enable us to prepare.


I am including a JUNE SCHEDULE to help you keep track of important events such as Regents Examinations, Senior Week Activities, Awards and PVHS Graduation.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Orefice (gorefice@pvcsd.org) or Mrs. Gennett (mgennett@pvcsd.org) in the Main Office.

We look forward to celebrating with students the end of a difficult year with a non-traditional Color Wars, and live-streamed awards ceremonies.


Dr. Sandra Intrieri

PVHS Updates – April 25, 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The 3rd quarter is officially over and grades are posted on PowerSchool. Please review your child’s grades and if you notice that your child is struggling, please contact his/her guidance counselor.  Mr. Campion, Ms. Davino or Ms. Castrillon will set up a plan for your child’s success.

Last week, we had five Putnam Valley High School teachers receive tenure. Congratulations to Mr. Pearson, LOTE, Ms. Sullivan, Math, Ms. Foster, English, Ms. Schoetz, English, and Ms. DiSienna, English. Ms. Wilson, a teaching assistant also was granted tenure. We are very proud to have these talented teachers as permanent members of our faculty.

Our office staff has been working very hard to assist parents and students during this difficult health crisis. Please join me in recognizing Mrs. Gennett, Mrs. Orefice, Mrs. MacNeil, and Mrs. Keller for Administrative Assistant’s Day, which was officially last week. These ladies are the glue that holds everything together and will go out of their way to be of help to you with anything you may need.

We are working out the final details for the end of the year and we will be sending home information on testing and end-of-the-year activities in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to have to quarantine students.

These are not easy times, but we are definitely in a better situation than last year at this time. The students appear happy to be in school and returning to some routines.

Have a good week,

Dr. Sandra Intrieri

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