Putnam Valley Central School students will be required to participate in community service projects. Students are required to perform 40 hours of community service by the time they complete their senior year and must enter all community service hours into the Passport for Good program.

Class of 2024 – 30 hours

Class of 2025 – 40 hours

Class of 2026 – 40 hours

Class of 2027 – 40 hours

Passport For Good

Training Video – P4G Student Video  The video is explicitly geared to how PVHS uses P4G.

PVCSD Board of Education Goal Regarding Community Service Learning:

“As the community is an integral part of the education process of our students, the students should take an active role in the community. The District will establish requirements for our HS students to participate in community service projects.”

Putnam Valley School District defines community to be a group of people working together for common goal. The “community” can either be within our own school (such as a club, a team, a classroom, a grade) or in the greater community at large (local, town, state, country, world). Service Learning must provide a non-paid service to benefit others.

Students can decide on how to proceed with their community service learning experience by reviewing what their interest and talents are. A student may also take into consideration their future career goals. Some of the fields that have service learning opportunities are in education, health, environment, churches, government and business.