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Lead Tests 2016

Dear Putnam Valley Community:

On September 6, Governor Cuomo signed a law requiring lead testing in schools (beginning with elementary schools) to take place every five years.  If you recall, Putnam Valley was proactive in testing for lead in late spring; however, the new law expands the parameters of lead testing. Previously, we tested all faucets and fountains that are used for drinking water and posted the results on our website. The requirement now is that ALL outlets must be tested. New York State is the first state requiring lead testing and established a threshold of .015 (15ppb, or parts per billion, per 250-milliliter water sample.)  Elementary schools were required to complete sampling by September 30 and middle and high schools were to be tested by October 31.  The original District testing of potable water outlets during the spring utilized the EPA standard of 15ppb per 250-milliliter water sample. The new law also requires testing of all faucets, including bathroom sinks.  Our original notice to the community indicated some areas that would be shut down prior to remediation.

Test results and lab reports are attached to this notification letter. A future update will be forthcoming once we receive the test results for our Middle School and High School.

With the new testing protocol completed at the Elementary School, the following results were reported for 81 outlets:

  • Report date 10/3/16, Sample IDs: BV29565-BV29597, BV29631
    • 34 samples – 5 have results .015 or higher
  • Report date 10/5/16, Sample IDs: BV29518-BV29564
    • 47 samples – 8 have results .015 or higher

Of the five outlets out of compliance on the October 3, 2016 test, one was a drinking fountain, which tested at .0016. The standard is .0015. We have turned off this fountain and have brought in a water cooler to provide drinking water until the contracted plumbers can address this. Another area that has been supplied with a water cooler is the nurse’s office. This sink tested at .021. Previously, cups of water were filled from this sink for consumption. We have posted a sign here stating “not for consumption” and added a water cooler to this location as well. One unit is a sink/fountain in a classroom and has also been replaced with a water cooler and signed not for consumption. The other two (2) locations were sinks that are only used for hand washing/kitchen prep.

Of the eight out of compliance on the 10/5/16 test, only one was a sink/fountain. A sign stating “not for consumption” was placed and a water cooler has been brought in for this location. Of the seven remaining outlets, two were tested at .0015, but we want to have these addressed by our plumber also.

All locations have been signed “not for consumption” and staff has been notified to address this with the students.

If you have any questions about this information, please contact either Mr. Pat Bellino at (845) 526-7847 ext. 1323 or Dr. Frances Wills at (845) 528-8143 ext. 1388.


Dr. Frances Wills
Superintendent of Schools