PV Schools

Dear Putnam Valley Community

As we approach the end of what can only be described as a very disruptive school year, I’ve taken some time to reflect on the events that have transpired over the past year, months, and weeks.  While the COVID-19 crisis is often the first thing that enters everyone’s mind, once we move past the obvious public health crisis, we are reminded there is much to celebrate.  Additional time with family, opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, and supporting those families in need are some of the positives that I personally take away from this closure period.  Our society is also in the midst of a civil rights movement to combat racism and demand social justice.  Silver linings are hard to identify in the midst of a global pandemic, but I hope that everyone can take some time to reflect and that we can each enter the summer with positive thoughts.

Please review the updates from this week and enjoy your weekend.

Middle School Assistant Principal:  As shared earlier this week, we are very sad to see Dr. Kern Mojica leave Putnam Valley.   We wish Dr. Mojica the best of luck in his new position as a principal in Croton.  We remain committed to the rigorous interview process we have used over the past few years and have already posted the position on OLAS (Online Application System for K-12 Education).  There will be opportunities for parent and teacher involvement on interview committees.

Re-entry Task Force:  Subcommittees have begun to meet and our next Task Force meeting is scheduled for next Thursday.  Guidance has not yet been provided by New York State. There is also regional work that is taking place to use the collective knowledge of the region to develop best practices on the reopening of schools.

Graduation:  The Governor’s unexpected announcement last weekend allowing graduation ceremonies of up to 150 people, allowed us to quickly revise our High School graduation plans.  We are now planning 3 graduation ceremonies on June 26.  The ceremony will be limited to the graduates and two guests.  The High School/Middle School campus will be closed during the graduation ceremony, and periodically before the ceremony for preparation work.

District Budget & Budget Vote:  The Governor has adjusted the school budget vote deadline. Districts must now accept ballots received through the mail until June 16.  The district is no longer allowed to accept any hand-delivered ballots.  Counting of ballots will begin after 5:00 pm on June 16.  If you or anyone you know has not yet returned their school budget ballot, they may still have time to do so via the USPS.

Laptop Pick Up:  The district will be providing opportunities for students who need access to a school laptop over the summer to pick one up, by appointment, beginning the first week of July.  More information will be shared on how to schedule an appointment. If you would like to request access to a laptop this summer, please complete this form. https://forms.gle/rPyUVyeShuDHhJEPA


Dr. Jeremy Luft

Superintendent of Schools