PV Schools

Dear Putnam Valley Community:

Dr. Wills sent the below message to the PVCSD staff this morning and asked that it be shared with the community.

Dear Colleagues:

Yesterday we voted; today we acknowledge the results of the democratic process that continues to prevail throughout America’s 240 year history. Faith in the ideals expressed in our Constitution has sustained us over the centuries, and we will continue to ensure their preservation. In fact, on Friday, November 11th, we will recognize those who sacrificed everything for that purpose.

The freedoms, rights and responsibilities our soldiers valued and died to protect are ours to savor and express. As we await the inauguration of the new President of the United States, we will focus on ensuring that we continue to protect the dignity of every member of our school community and to nurture in our schools a discourse of respect for our students and staff with an appreciation of the differences they contribute to the tapestry of a diverse American culture.

While there may be uncertainty outside our walls, there is within the school environment assured purpose and support. We are charged with educating our students to become knowledgeable, literate and productive citizens, who are able to advocate with reason and courage for the values we share, and to use their freedoms wisely.  


(Please remember that our Elementary School will be closed tomorrow for Parent/Teacher conferences and all schools will be closed Friday in honor of Veterans Day.)