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Dear Putnam Valley Staff and Community Members: 

On Monday, when I visited the elementary school, first grade teacher Mrs. Hernandez, expressed her joy at receiving mural paint through a Putnam Valley Education Foundation grant. They plan to update and decorate the walls of the first grade wing with a nature theme. Each year, the PVEF provides opportunities to staff members to apply for grants to enrich their classrooms and schools. This year’s grants were approved Tuesday evening at the Board of Education meeting and have already contributed to excitement in our schools. As an example, our recent fourth grade reenactment at the elementary school, now an annual occurrence, comes alive through Revolutionary War costumes and 18th century drums enhanced the music performed by our high school students. The history club at the high school traveled to Boston on a beautiful March day. STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) equipment will be purchased for the technology program at the elementary school, as well as alternative seating to increase student focus and participation. This year, almost $18,000 was provided to support these and other teacher initiatives. (Please see the full list attached below)

We are very grateful for the efforts of the PVEF to enhance our school programs and inspire our teachers. Thank you to all who support the Education Foundation. This is a wonderful way to give teachers an opportunity to do more for their students! 

Please mark your calendars for the Foundation’s upcoming event on Friday, June 2. (pvefny.org)

Dr. Frances Wills
Superintendent of Schools 

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