PV Schools

Dear Putnam Valley Community:

Usually we remember 9-11 together during a school day. We join as a community to share with each other and our students to remind ourselves of the grievous losses and our gratitude to those who served as first responders. Today, we mourn as individuals or with our families. On that day the crisp blue skies and sun were remarkable; today the gloomy grey is more appropriate to our feelings. At Croton Landing, the sculpture of hope and ragged spear of steel loom against the river that led the way to the terrible destruction. At the same time, the river is our guide to our search for recovery, and our schools remain the place where recovery continues.  Our community schools provided comfort, unity, and stability then, and do so now. Our schools are stable and safe places for our children to learn, grow to understand the past, and create a better future. 
Dr. Frances Wills
Superintendent of Schools