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Dear Putnam Valley Parents:

On Wednesday evening, January 27 at 7:00pm at the high school, the District will have representatives of the Achieve 3000 program provide information on the program and ways for parents to become more involved in building a reading relationship with their students.  While the program has been introduced in grades 2-10, all parents are invited to participate in this information session.  You will learn the structure and resources that the program offers, as well as ways to help your students improve their skills as readers and critical thinkers.

Have you checked out the Achieve 3000 weekend articles? If so, perhaps you and your student have had a discussion on a current topic of interest as part of your  “reading relationship.”  Our students will be required to read, think, write and discuss throughout their educational and professional careers, and throughout their lives as active citizens.  This week, at the Middle School, I observed a whole school “read” of an article on Martin Luther King, Jr. utilizing the Achieve 3000 reading program that we inaugurated this year as a supplement to the District’s reading instruction.

As I noted in prior communication, Achieve provides non-fiction articles on a wide range of topics connected to curriculum at all grade levels. The articles are differentiated by reading lexiles so that all students can successfully grow in their ability to comprehend and analyze.  Accompanying the articles are critical questions to promote inquiry and analysis. Students who practice reading and thinking about what they have read improve their comprehension skills.

To become more acquainted with the program before the presentation, why not access the weekend article with your student to engage in an interaction around a current topic of interest. The program is available after school hours, and your student knows how to log in. The special weekend articles are available on Saturday and Sunday.

For more details on how to access the weekend article and on the Achieve program, please look at the following links.

Achieve 3000 portal            Prior letters with directions

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday evening. If possible, please bring laptops or tablets, even phones so that you can practice on your own devices. We will have laptops available as well.


Dr. Frances Wills
Superintendent of Schools