PV Schools

Dear Elementary School Families:

I hope you are all safe and warm during this early season storm. It was a busy day but I wanted to share a communication I sent to our Middle and High School families earlier today as I want to reassure you too that the safety of all students is our highest priority.   

*Please note you can find Anonymous Alerts on our website, pvcsd.org and on our mobile app, PutnamValleyCSD – 

Thank you.

Dear Middle and High School Families:

Based on telephone conversations with parents and the meeting I held this morning, I wanted to provide some additional information with regard to my earlier communications.

At no time was there a weapon in school, or on the bus, nor was the social media post specific in nature.

This morning, we had an additional police presence on campus and although we were assured by the Sheriff’s Department that the student would not return to school today, the Sheriff’s Department responded immediately when the student got off the bus.  The Sheriff’s Department is aware of our concerns and we will follow up to review protocols.

Our connectivity through social media and other technologies can be very powerful, and I am reminded that rumors can quickly spread and that our students are aware of and can be affected by adult communications.  Ms. Intrieri, High School Principal, met with all grade levels this morning to reassure students and to address any of their concerns.  The Middle School Principal, Mr. McCarty, communicated with all students to assure them of their safety and met with any individual students who had concerns. Counselors were also available. Please reassure your children that their safety is our highest priority.

Anonymous Alerts* has proven to be a useful tool, and I want to acknowledge our robust channels of communication.  Trust among students, staff, our School Resource Officer and administrators ensure that responses are quick and appropriate.  Every report is taken seriously.

Please remember all threats can and should be reported to the police by the community.

Credible threats result in consequences as prescribed by NYS Education Department regulations. All students are entitled to due process.

As always, our Emergency Response Teams will debrief about our response, and as suggested by parents, we will include a phone message to alert parents to urgent emails.

Another outcome of this morning’s meeting is a firm belief that parents, schools, law enforcement and the community must work together to provide for the safety and well-being of all students.

Thank you for your partnership,

Dr. Frances Wills
Superintendent of Schools