PV Schools

Dear Community Members:

Late this afternoon, High School administration was made aware by a teacher of student concerns he had overheard about threatening comments made by one of our students.  We contacted the Putnam County Sheriff’s office who initiated an investigation. The parent was questioned by police at the home and it was determined that the student did not pose a threat to the district.

Later this evening, a concerning social media post, allegedly made by the same student, was brought to the attention of district administration.  The post contained profanity towards “the school”. We again contacted the Putnam County Sheriff’s office who initiated an investigation into the incident, visiting the home once again, and made necessary interventions on behalf of the student and our school.   The student will not be permitted to attend classes at our schools, pending further review by the district administration. As always, the Putnam County Sheriff’s office will be on hand at our buildings. An increased police presence will be provided.

The Putnam Valley School District takes the safety of all students and staff very seriously and recognizes the need to be transparent regarding incidents that may impact our school community.  Thank you to parents and students who shared the social media via anonymous alerts. We will always act out of an abundance of caution to ensure all our students and staff are safe both inside and out of our buildings.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Dr. Frances Wills
Superintendent of Schools