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Dear Putnam Valley Community:

Today is a sad day following yet another senseless tragedy where 19 innocent school children and 2 teachers were killed in Uvalde, Texas. As a district, we have been in communication since the tragedy first went public. This morning we convened a meeting with our administrative team and our clinical staff members. We have been in contact with our school security advisors and our local Sheriff’s department.

Our clinical staff members are prepared to help those who may need extra support today. We will be closely monitoring our students and staff for signs of anyone who is struggling. In the wake of yesterday’s events, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department will be sending extra patrols through all schools in our county and is proactively monitoring social media for any posts concerning schools. The Sheriff’s department has reassured us that there have been no threats against any schools in Putnam County.

As a school district, we have dedicated significant time and resources to the safety and security of our buildings. While we remain confident that our schools remain a safe place for everyone, we will continue to review and, if necessary, revise any security measures that may be improved.

This tragedy serves as an opportunity to thank our school resource officers and other partners in the law enforcement community for always being an active presence on our campuses. We are grateful to our clinical staff members who work closely with our staff and students during these difficult times. We are also fortunate to have security advisors who work closely with our emergency response teams to ensure that our buildings are safe and that all staff members are trained to respond to any emergency.

We recognize that, as parents, you play a difficult yet critical role in helping your children process these tragic events while reassuring them that they are safe. These conversations can often be difficult, especially for some of our youngest students.  Below are some resources that you may decide to use to help support your child during these most difficult conversations.

Parent Resource Page

Alongside the entire nation, we mourn with the Uvalde school community, especially those families directly impacted by this senseless violence. Let us remind each other that we are not alone in our sadness, fear, or concern, and we belong to a community that supports each other. Please do not hesitate to contact a school official if you believe that your child is struggling or if you have any questions regarding the school district’s response to this tragedy.

Thank you,

Jeremy Luft
Superintendent of Schools

There is no school for students on Monday, April 22, 2024