PV Schools

Dear Families:

On April 8, 2024, a highly anticipated solar eclipse will provide our students with a unique learning opportunity. Our teachers will have a chance to discuss this phenomenon in their classrooms, tailoring their lessons to the various age groups in our buildings, and some of those lessons have already begun. Students will learn what happens during a total solar eclipse, safe viewing options during an eclipse, and the term “totality,” which is where the sun will be completely blocked for a short time. While Putnam Valley is located well outside the path of totality, we will experience a period of diminished sunlight.

We are taking several steps to ensure little disruption to our school day for our students and to keep them safe. Our buildings will operate on their normal schedules, and elementary school students will be provided with protective glasses. Extra staff members will be stationed outside of our elementary school to help students during the dismissal process. By the time our elementary students dismiss, the darkest portion of the eclipse will have passed and it will already be becoming brighter outside.

While students will be warned of the dangers of staring at the sun during the day, your reinforcement at home will go a long way to keep our students safe. Students should avoid looking at the sun unless they are wearing their protective glasses. Further, the weather that day will determine their true necessity.

Middle and high school students should also be warned of the dangers associated with looking directly at the sun. Sports programs will be paused for a period of time when it is deemed too dark to continue, and they will resume once the daylight returns.

In other news, there are a lot of great activities and events happening in PVCSD when we return from spring recess. Check out the monthly event calendar and mark your calendars with important dates. Please note our school buildings will be closed this Friday and next week, and district offices will only be closed this Friday.

Enjoy the spring recess with your families!


Dr. Jeremy Luft

Superintendent of Schools

There is no school for students on Monday, April 22, 2024