PV Schools

Good afternoon,

I am writing to provide some additional information regarding this morning’s situation involving a single student at Putnam Valley Elementary School. In response to the incident, law enforcement officers arrived quickly.  An ambulance was also dispatched to provide medical assistance.  All classrooms were initially asked to “hold in place,” keeping all students in their classrooms which allowed instruction to continue as normal.  As the situation was nearing resolution, classes began to have limited movement around the building. The building quickly returned to normal operations.  Throughout the incident, no one was hurt, and at no point were other students in any danger.

Clinical staff members, building administrators, and our School Resource Officer immediately responded to help keep the student safe. Our building safety protocols functioned as intended.  We want to thank our building staff for their attentive action and our first responders for their immediate response.

These communications can be difficult as we remain committed to providing as much information as possible while also protecting the privacy and well-being of all students and staff.  However, please know that we will always share what we can when these difficult moments occur. The health and well-being of our students is our top priority, and we are thankful that we have all protocols and practices in place to ensure safety in our buildings.

Thank you for your understanding and care for our community.

Dr. Jeremy Luft
Superintendent of Schools