PV Schools

Dear Putnam Valley Staff and Community:

Last evening, after a substantive hiring process including an interview by representatives of staff, parents and a Board representative, the Board of Education appointed Mr. Travis McCarty as Putnam Valley Middle School assistant principal. This appointment followed a successful semester-long immersion as interim assistant principal.  Mr. McCarty has been a popular and respected sixth grade social studies teacher since 2004.  He was recommended by the District to the Future School Leaders Academy and completed the program with high marks and affirmation of his leadership potential. After two years of an “after-school hours” internship and a designation as an Instructional Support Specialist, Mr. McCarty was recommended as the interim assistant in February, 2016 after a rigorous hiring process.

The current appointment is a natural outcome of a lengthy apprenticeship and many contributions to the District’s goals. Mr. McCarty has supported the effort to raise expectations and promote literacy to meet and exceed New York State Standards. He has worked with grade level teams and supported teachers on APPR assessments, providing instruction in the development of authentic assessment.  Mr. McCarty has presented at Board of Education meetings, and as Principal Ed Hallisey has noted, Travis’ reflective and thoughtful approach has provided insights as the District moves forward to ensure that all students participate in a broad range of educational opportunities that lead to the attainment of their highest aspirations. Moreover, Mr. McCarty has led a number of initiatives and demonstrated an ability to build positive relationships with his colleagues, parents and the community. Mr. McCarty will continue to strengthen the leadership team and his dedication will serve our community well.


Dr. Frances Wills
Superintendent of Schools