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Dear Putnam Valley Community:

Please save the date!

On  Tuesday evening, September 27 at 7:00 PM, the Putnam Valley School District will screen Most Likely to Succeed a film that explores a vision for high schools for the 21st century.  The movie focuses on the key skills that students will require to be successful in a global and technology driven economy.  With an emphasis on critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication and designed to provide an active learning experience for all students, the high school discussed in the film exists at the cutting-edge of what we know now about how we learn best. The film presents a powerful look at what our students will need to know and be able to do to navigate the post-high school landscape of accelerated change and required resilience and flexibility.  At Putnam Valley, we are seeking to increase opportunities for students to find their passion and a path for the future that will further their “pursuit of happiness” as they wrestle with the challenges of uncertainty and the demand for continual renewal throughout their lives.

Please join us for this film and a discussion of the District’s approach to supporting student success.


Dr. Frances Wills

Superintendent of Schools

Movie Trailer

Linda Darling-Hammond Professor of Education – https://vimeo.com/116810306