PV Schools

Dear Faculty, Students, Staff and Community:

We have all had a long stretch without a break, and by now we are all looking forward to some sun and family time.  The Memorial Day weekend presents an opportunity for exuberance and reflection, and a chance to recharge for the last month of school. On Memorial Day we remember sacrifice and the willingness to protect our way of life and core values.  One of the milestones in our American narrative is high school graduation. Seniors are preparing to attend their prom and graduation.  These are times that should be savored and enjoyed. At the same time, we must also regard with care the need to follow a practical commitment to safety during this vulnerable period of transition.  

We are eager for the celebration and also for the well-being of all participants in the excitement. Many future dreams are in the making and we want to see them fulfilled.  Everything we can do to help with the pathway to college and career depends upon the environment we create and choices that are made. Let’s work together to support our students as they engage in the daily decisions that lead to a successful culmination of their Putnam Valley educational journey.

Enjoy the weekend!


Dr. Frances Wills

Superintendent of Schools

~Schools are closed tomorrow, Friday, May 27 and Monday, May 30. (2015-2016 calendar)
2016-2017 calendar)