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Dear Putnam Valley Community:

On a day for remembrance, we feel a comingling of grief and gratitude. There is a deep sadness for those heroes who sacrificed all for us and left families bereft. We seek photographs and memories for solace, and they are reminders of the loss of their presence in our families, their love and friendship. At the same time, our gratitude wells up in tears that come during the Memorial Day parades and those moments of mourning and realization –that what we share as Americans, our deeply held beliefs about “liberty and justice for all” — have been sustained only because of the devotion of our Armed Forces supported by our collective will to prevail. It is this sentiment that is now preserved on our Putnam Valley High School campus through the effort of PVHS Journey’s student, Wayne DeRosa who contributed a weeping cherry tree and a plaque commemorating those who serve and those who have fallen in that service. Thank you also to Pat Bellino and our dedicated custodial crew who support our educational and community goals every day. We will be reminded daily as we enter our high school how much we rely upon the constancy of service and sacrifice.


Dr. Frances Wills
Superintendent of Schools

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