PV Schools

Dear Staff and Community Members:

Last evening many of us were inspired by our student bridge projects at the middle school. Our seventh graders displayed their remarkably diverse and aesthetically interesting solutions to the Pudding Street/Taconic State Parkway overpass design. Guided by a team of professional architects and their teachers, Ms. Conlin and Ms. Van Develde, students learned to design and build to scale and to work in teams on this real-world problem. They expressed their excitement about what they had learned about application of mathematics and the value of teams. It was also exciting to have representatives of the Department of Transportation, the Town Supervisor, Mr. Oliverio and Highway Superintendent, Larry Cobb viewing our student projects. Thanks to the initiative of our teachers working together to make this happen for our students, they were able to experience the meaning of civic engagement as well as academic accomplishment.  

With hopes that spring will be in full bloom during the coming break, I wish all a lovely respite. For all who celebrate holidays this coming week, may they be joyful and bring peace to your lives.


Dr. Frances Wills

Superintendent of Schools