PV Schools

Dear Putnam Valley Community:

As we remember Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday, themes that marked his life and untimely death remain current and unresolved. As a nation and individuals, we continue to struggle with the definition of justice for all and the concept of equality. In fact, our public schools are responsible for preparing our students to participate in that struggle as educated, active citizens. We seek to provide the learning environment that not only informs, but also encourages student voices on behalf of principles of justice in their own sphere of influence.

Schools should be laboratories where democracy is practiced, to strengthen and empower youth so that they take seriously their roles and responsibilities as voters with voices and ideas that will shape our nation’s future. With that goal in mind, we have a duty to share the challenge of sorting out the disparate views about how we govern and move forward as a school, a district, a state and a nation using the same principles that Martin Luther King referenced in his iconic Dream.


Dr. Frances Wills
Superintendent of Schools