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Dear Parents and Community Members:

New York State requires school districts to evaluate their water sources annually between June and September. Our results have been at the “standard” level.  With recent news coverage of elevated lead levels in schools, the District has started its own, more extensive investigation of the water in our schools. Mr. Patrick Bellino, our Director of Facilities, Technology and Transportation, has proactively undertaken an investigation of drinking water sources, starting with our oldest building, the Elementary School. The most frequent source of lead in older buildings is in the plumbing connections. Test results from samples taken at the Elementary School fountains last week were received yesterday, and the results indicated slightly elevated levels in two fountains that were turned off.  Plumbers were called in yesterday to inspect and repair them.

Mr. Bellino’s concerns were the six drinking fountains and fourteen classroom sinks. Only two fountains were determined to have lead values that were above standard. I have attached the report and indicated in yellow the two areas in question, the cafeteria and third floor fountain. (Please see the attachment at the bottom of this email.)  These fountains are not currently in use and were the only areas that emerged as above standard. The results, as you can see, are not substantially above the state standard but are of concern enough for us to remediate. We are conducting similar tests at the Middle School and the High School.  (The cover page on the attachment is a map to show the water sources that were tested in the school.) 

We would be happy to respond to any questions about this investigation and our response.


Dr. Frances Wills

Superintendent of Schools

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