PV Schools
To All:
Today I was visiting Mrs. Podesta and Ms. Mistretta at the Elementary School. Suddenly there was an emergency call from the cafeteria. Our hearts stopped as we raced to the scene. What we found was that caring, well-trained, alert monitors had spotted a child choking and immediately applied their knowledge and skill. We learned that during the monitor education session held on the Superintendent’s Conference Day on September 7, one week ago, our nurse, Kathy Hill had trained our monitors in the Heimlich maneuver and epi-pen use. 
Our monitors learned well and applied their skills to save a student! We are grateful for the training and the application. 
Great Job Kristina Ndreu, Kathy Hill and Lucy Gianelli! 
Pictured: Jeanette Mistretta, Kristina Ndreu, Margaret Podesta