PV Schools

Dear Putnam Valley Community:

While COVID-19 and the reopening of schools have rightfully consumed a majority of our communications, the focus of this communication will be our ongoing facilities project.  Construction continued throughout much of the school closure period and remains on target for substantial completion of the Middle School and Elementary School work prior to the opening of schools.  The health and wellness center remains on its original timeline and is expected to be completed by the winter.  The closure of schools earlier in the spring allowed construction crews to get an early start; however, supply line issues and COVID-related manufacturing closures presented unanticipated delays.

Middle School – Construction crews are working to ensure that the new social and learning commons, as well as the kitchen, are expected to be open when students return to school.  Much of the work in the spring focused on the relocation of utilities, asbestos abatement, drainage, and demolition.  By June, we started seeing the new plumbing, mechanical, and electrical infrastructure installation begin.  In July, the space really started to take shape; the steel to frame the courtyard was installed and walls started to frame our new spaces. As August arrives and we hit the home stretch, walls are being closed in, ceilings are being installed, and finishing materials are arriving onsite.  Like any construction project, it will certainly be a month-long sprint to have our new spaces finished, cleaned, and opened for students on September 8.  There will continue to be some finishing touches that will need to be completed during September. Some materials were back-ordered or delayed after the manufacturing facility shut down due to COVID, but we anticipate that all the new spaces will be safe and open for students and staff.

Health & Wellness Center – This phase of the project started as planned during the spring as we quickly saw excavation work begin to define the location of the health and wellness center.  Before long, the concrete foundation was being poured, reinforcing beams were installed, and all the underground infrastructure work was completed.  A delay in the arrival of the steel building allowed the general contractor to focus on the Middle School.  We anticipate the steel arriving in the next week, and shortly afterwards, the building will begin to rise from the foundation and take shape.  After the building construction is completed later this fall, finishing work inside the building will begin.  We anticipate this work will be completed, on schedule, by January 2021.

Elementary School – Installation of new heating and air conditioning units are nearing their completion and the new Elementary STEM Lab is coming along.  The new doors have been cut into the building offering easy access from the classroom to the outdoor learning space. Furniture is scheduled to arrive in a couple of weeks and will be quickly assembled and deployed.  This new learning space will be ready when students return and is already part of our reopening plan.

We are excited to welcome our students back to school and allow them to use these new spaces.  We remain hopeful that we will soon be able to open up and share these spaces with the public.  Check our website periodically for pictures, pvcsd.org. Please contact our Facilities Director, David Spittal, at 845 526-7847 or via email at dspittal@pvcsd.org with any questions related to the facilities project.

Take care and stay well,

Dr. Jeremy Luft
Superintendent of Schools