PV Schools

Dear Putnam Valley Community: 

I  want to urge our community and staff to attend Billy Elliot, this year’s musical!  Opening this weekend in Putnam Valley, you will be moved and inspired by this remarkable and meaningful play. Beyond entertainment, Billy Elliot conveys the joy of self-fulfillment and the love expressed by a community that grows to support the differences that comprise the beauty of the human family!

Many thanks to all involved in giving this gift to all who will be privileged to enjoy the spirit of Putnam Valley’s theater program.


Dr. Fran Wills
Superintendent of Schools 

Tickets available at the box office everyday 2PM-4PM
Show times: Friday, March 31 – 7PM
Saturday, April 1 – 7PM

Sunday, April 2 – 2PM
Click here to purchase tickets online

Cast: Ryan Beckel, Chloe Berger, Frank Bubbico, James Caposito, Matthew Carravone, Kaitlyn Carroll,Vincent Columna, Casey Dath, Lucas deMey, James Deronda, Lauren DeRubeis, Jacey Ferraro, Sonya Garcia, Jasmine Gelfer, Lawrence Gisser, Christina Huynh, Rebeka Kashkin, Emily Mazzella, Ciara McGinty, Katherine McNamara, Kaitlin Millicker, Gavon Mitchell, Alexandria Moore, Jessica O’Hare, Eric Rein, Lauren Rein, Olivia Roman,Chris Sauber, Olivia Schmidt, Mariana Silva, Michael Tompkins, Chris Turner, Vanessa Ungarino, Ryan Usai, Robbie Velichko, Gabby Zubradt

Orchestra: Sophia George, Rebecca Mosny, Michael Munson, Peter Leo, Ghaith Annabi, Paige Lee, Cassandra Kutruff 

Production Crew: Leeza Tarrant, Ella Torregrosa, Erin Pedersen, Lauren Pateman, Shannon Dinizo, Eliana Dropkin, Emma Mignano, Dakota Pinon, Julie Frey, Joanna Johnson, Gianna Patino, John Henry Weise, Shannon Crotty, Bethany Dolan, Jillian Hartnett, Sam Jaffe, Leif Mangan, Erika Seidman, Kelly Simon, Chelsi Vogt, Carlos Zhinin, Lizzy Liscia, Chloe Lamere, Matt Jenkins, Allie Santora, Matt Simpson, Aleks Pilmanis, Jasper Katzban, Liz Moise, Alyssa Anderson, Hailee Bagnato, Brittany Gona, Jenni Hernandez, Isabelle Mauro, Yunak Park,  Ashley Stockinger, Victoria VanCuran, Patrick Hartnett, Gianna SanLucas, Caitlin Vasquez, Josh Velasco