PV Schools

Team Transportation

The Putnam Valley Central School District will provide transportation for all students, support, and coaching personnel of each athletic team in authorized school vehicles when the contest or practice has been scheduled away from the high school site.  The coach of the team must ride the provided transportation with his/her students.

Student Driving

Team members are strictly forbidden from driving an automobile, transporting members of an athletic team, or being driven by another student to an athletic contest or practice that is outside the Putnam Valley School District or when district transportation is provided.   There are no exceptions. If a student misses the district provided transportation to a contest or practice, his/her own parent must transport him.  The Athletic Director or administration must approve this.

Transportation Release

Under certain circumstances or exceptional situations that are reviewed and confirmed by the Athletic Director, a student may be excused from riding to or from an athletic event by school-authorized transportation. This request must be made in writing and submitted to the Athletic Director 24 hours in advance. This privilege is kept to a minimum, since the athletic philosophy continues to be that a student is part of a team in all phases of team activity.

  1. Individual or seasonal “Travel Release Form” is available to all students in the Athletic Director’s Office.
  2. Parents of students must make prior arrangements with the Athletic Director’s office in advance of the trip and have the approved “Travel Release Form” on file in the Athletic Director’s office.
  3. The student will be released to the parent(s) by the coach upon presentation of a copy of the approved “Travel Release Form” at the contest.
  4. Should a parent approach a coach at an away contest and request that his/her student rides home, the coach will require a written note from the parent and then release the student directly to the parent. This request is to be used for special situations and is not a common practice.
  5. A student will NOT be allowed to ride home with another student, or any other individual except the parent or legal guardian.

Bus Conduct

  1. Athletic shoes with cleats are not to be worn on the bus.
  2. Food and beverages are permitted on the bus. Check with the bus driver for any restrictions.
  3. The use of chewing tobacco, spitting or leaving the bus in unsanitary conditions may cause the athletic team to lose its travel privilege and play only home contests. A student who uses chewing tobacco is subject to the regulations regarding drug use.
  4. A student who does not obey bus safety rules or who defaces bus equipment will have the privilege of bus transportation revoked.

Procedure If the Bus Does Not Arrive

  1. The coach is not authorized to use private cars to transport students to a contest or a scrimmage from Putnam Valley High School or Middle School.
  2. The bus is not authorized to leave the site of an away contest for any reason except an emergency or planned transportation scheduling. The coach will be notified if an alternate plan needs to be used.
  3. If the bus does not arrive at the away contest, the coach will call the Athletic Director immediately. If the bus does not arrive at an away contest site and all contacts have failed, the coach should contact some of the students’ parents and set up car pools to transport the students home.
  4. In any situations with transportation problems, the student should contact his/her parent notifying them of the problem. Most every student carries a cell phone, and if a student does not, please have the other students’ share their cell phones or use the coach’s phone.