PV Schools

Reflect, Learn, Thrive

Reflect on our struggles and identify the small victories we experienced.  Capitalize on lessons learned and replicate to improve our practices.  Acknowledge the past, but focus on thriving in the present.

  • Instructional: Create and encourage innovative, engaging learning opportunities that develop lifelong learners and produce diverse global citizens through collaborative, student-centered, and data-driven conversation and instruction.

  • Community: Promote parent and community engagement to build trust through transparent communication and community partnership.

  • Resources: Provide students and staff with the tools they need to thrive in a variety of learning environments and engage with the community.

  • Social-Emotional: Acknowledge and support social-emotional well-being by understanding the varying levels of crisis, need, and support. 

  • Collaboration: Renew our team efforts to focus on inspiring students and staff to reach their potential through cultivating positive, safe, and dynamic environments where all stakeholders, most importantly students, THRIVE!