PV Schools

Student Bill of Rights

This policy of students; rights and responsibilities is intended to help our school community reach its common goal of creating a community of learning where all are joined in the pursuit of academic excellence and personal growth in a caring environment so that students may become responsible, contributing members of society.

The Putnam Valley School District recognizes that it has the responsibility to assure students; legal rights that are theirs by virtue of guarantees in federal and state constitutions and statutes. The exercise of such rights should not materially intrude upon the orderly process of the school, infringe upon the rights of others, or interfere with the goals of the Districtâ’s Mission Statement. We, as a school-community, want to develop and maintain an atmosphere both conducive to learning and supportive of mutual respect between students and staff members.  In this endeavor, as in all others, the district seeks to attain the highest level of achievement humanly possible for the benefit of all concerned.  Therefore, the School District has adopted the New York State Board of Regents Student Bill of Rights as our own.

  1. All children have the right to a healthy, secure, nurturing infancy and early childhood.
  2. All children have the right to live in circumstances, which permit healthy intellectual, emotional, physical, and moral development.
  3. All children have the right to a free, sound, basic education. Each child has the right to an education appropriate for his or her individual needs.
  4. All children have the right to an education, which respects their culture, race, socioeconomic background and the language of their home.
  5. All children have the right to schools and educational programs which are effective.
  6. All children have the right to educational programs, which prepare them for jobs, for college, for responsible family life and for citizenship in a self-governing society.
  7. All children have the right to pursue their education without fear.
  8. All children have the right to the resources needed to secure their educational rights.
  9. All children are entitled to an education, which involves responsibilities as well as rights.