PV Schools

Clearance of Athletes after Injury/Sickness

Any athlete who has been seen by a doctor must be released for participation by submitting a signed statement from the doctor who treated the athlete in order to resume participation with his/her team. If you go to an emergency room for care, please obtain a written release before leaving the hospital because many times the attending physician may not be there the next time you visit. This release must be filed with our school nurse. It is the athlete’s responsibility to bring the release to the school nurse; do not leave this responsibility to another person such as a coach, teacher, friend, etc.

In the case of a long term or severe injury, clearance by the school physician may also be necessary prior to the athlete returning to practice or competition. The NYSPHSAA recommends that a returning athlete be re-evaluated prior to competition. The coach should use one half the minimum of required practice days as a basis before re-entry. This amount of time could be extended or decreased based upon the coach’s evaluation after medical clearance. The coach or trainer may request further evaluation if the athlete is not performing up to the standards necessary for safe competition.

Medical doctors can clear athletes for participation with protective devices such as casts, braces, splints, and sutures. If cleared, the protective mechanisms must meet the safety padding standards as described in each sport rule book.