PV Schools


 No jewelry shall be worn in practice or contests in any sport according to the NYSPHSAA *Jewelry Regulation. Students wishing to pierce their ears or body parts should be aware that jewelry must be removed in order to be an eligible participant. Coaches are not permitted to allow “taping over” of earrings or other jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc. must be removed for all practices and contests. Any visible body jewelry must be removed as well. Coaches have been informed to not hold jewelry or valuables for their athletes. Students should not bring valuable items (laptops, cameras, cell phone, etc.) to school. If you must, these items should be secured in your school issued hall locker.


Putnam Valley CSD will supply all uniforms and equipment necessary for practice and competition. However, some pieces of equipment are the responsibility of the athlete. Personal items such as swimsuits, dance pants, volleyball shorts, cheerleader briefs, lacrosse pads and arm guards, etc. which are of a personal nature and cannot be reconditioned for sanitary reasons.

All school issued uniforms and supplies must be returned at season’s end.  It is the responsibility of the student/athlete to return to the coach all clothing and equipment issued. Any lost or stolen equipment must be paid for by the student/athlete. The student/athlete may not start the next season or receive athletic awards until all equipment and clothing are returned or paid for.