PV Schools

All teams must meet the minimum standards for practice as set forth by the NYSPHSAA. It is important that students and parents understand that practices are necessary. Generally, teams practice Monday through Friday, 3:15 – 6:00 pm and usually on Saturdays (Sundays in an emergency) and holidays/vacations in the morning. Check with your team coach for pick up times and vacation practice schedules. Some practices may fall outside of school transportation times – it is the responsibility of the student-athlete and their family to ensure they have proper transportation to and from these practices. Practices hone skills, maintain fitness and build team unity. They are a major part of participation in a sport and are essential to evaluating a player’s role on the team.

  1. All student athletes must make a commitment to attend all practices and contests on time.   In the fall, JV and Varsity sports begin two weeks before school begins. Students must attend try-outs prior to the start of school (August) in order to try-out for and participate on a JV or Varsity team.
  2. Athletes must attend school in order to participate in that day’s practice or athletic contest.
    1. The Coach will notify athletes and their families of the team’s games, practices and time schedules.
    2. If an athlete is going to be late or absent from practice, it is his/her responsibility to notify the coach.
    3. An excused absence is for family emergencies, or sickness. Please notify the coach directly prior to the absence.
    4. Each sport has a required number of practices necessary in order to scrimmage or play in a contest, as outlined by NYSPHSAA, Inc.
    5. Students scheduled for Physical Education must participate in class in order to be eligible to practice or compete on an athletic team. Students who do not participate in Physical Education class due to sickness or injury may not participate in interscholastic games or practices on that day.
    6. If a student is suspended from school then, he/she will not be eligible to participate on the day of the suspension, and subsequent suspension  days.
    7. If an athlete goes home from school sick, they are not allowed to return for a practice or game.
    8. Schedules – Keep in mind that schedules are only a guideline. There are many reasons (inclement weather, unplayable facility, transportation problem, etc.) that can cause game cancellations. During Sectional play; game opponent, date, and time is not determined until shortly before the contest.


 When athletes commit to a varsity or a junior varsity sport, they should assume that practices and/or contests will take place over school vacations and holidays. Since it is the policy of Section One to schedule contests during some vacations (especially in the spring) Putnam Valley must also do so.

Putnam Valley’s teams would be at an extreme disadvantage if they took time off while others are playing and practicing. In addition, it would be unfair to ask other schools to reschedule Putnam Valley’s contests to another time, thus forcing them to play 3, 4, or even 5 games during a week in order to accommodate our athletes.

When athletes go away and do not fulfill their commitment to the team, these decisions have an impact on those players that attend practices and games. The decision to not attend practice and games during vacations and holidays cause our teams to forfeit games, move junior varsity players up the to the varsity to round out the team, and cause coaches to alter their plan for the overall team development.

Athletes who must go away and miss practice and/or contests during vacations and holidays can expect that there could be some effect on their standing on the team, their playing time and their ability to earn a letter for the sport. When a varsity athlete, or junior varsity athlete, misses a practice or contest during a vacation or holiday period they will miss one game for every day of practice missed. Although junior varsity teams will practice and play over the holiday and vacation periods, the practice requirement will be slightly less than that of the varsity teams in accordance with the philosophy statement at each level of play. Athletes must understand that upon completion of the penalty for days missed, they are not guaranteed immediate return to playing time. That decision, like all decisions related to play time, will be at the discretion of the coaching staff. Students and parents should inquire about such expectations before deciding to commit to a high school sport team.


 On any day that school is closed due to inclement weather or other unplanned circumstances, teams cannot practice or compete in games or scrimmages. The same procedure will be followed on days when there is an early dismissal due to weather, or other unplanned circumstances.


League rules dictate that contests postponed due to weather or other circumstances must be rescheduled on the next available school day or Saturday. Sundays may be used when absolutely necessary.


Varsity teams will usually enter post-season Section One Tournaments in the quest for regional and state championships. These tournaments usually occur for up to two weeks after the last regular season contest and could be held during vacation periods.