PV Schools

All students have the right to “try out” for the various teams that are available in the fall (August – November), winter (November – February), and spring (March – June).

It is the philosophy of the Athletic Department to include as many participants as each team will allow. With the increasing number of children who are interested in playing on our teams, it is impossible to keep everyone who wants to play if we are to ensure safety, quality of instruction and provide adequate playing time in contests.  This is determined by the nature of each sport. Cuts are not always made in each one of our sports. The final determination is based on the number of students trying out and the number of slots available. This is reviewed at the sign-up phase for each individual team.

The Try Out process is twofold: the coach (1) makes judgments of skill level and (2) functional role on the team. The word “tryout” is misleading because when the season begins it is the first day of practice. Students should conduct a personal assessment of their skills to determine if they have the ability to make the specific team. This self-evaluation process could prevent the disappointment of not making the team.  The procedure to follow when trying out for a team is as follows:

The coach will explain the standards and expectations that will be used to evaluate student performance. The try out period will last a minimum of three days and a maximum of five days. A student who is ill or hurt during this period of time will be afforded additional time. At the end of this period the team selection is made. The coach will meet with each individual student to explain how the student performed and his/her expected role during that season, or an explanation as to why they did not make the team and what they need to do if they wish to try again the following season.

Alternatives if you do not make the team of your choice.

If a student does not make his/her first choice of an athletic team, he/she has an option of trying out for another sport within a reasonable amount of time. This is to allow the student the chance to discover a variety of capabilities, talents, and interests.

A student who tries out for a Junior Varsity or Varsity team but does not make the team has the opportunity to join a no cut team after his/her try out.

Sports Management/Team Manager – An Integral Function

Sport Management is a great opportunity for any student who is interested in participating in the athletic program. The student has a chance to work with a team in several capacities: as a manager, statistician, public address announcer, videotape photographer or sports photographer. A student in this capacity can be utilized by the coaching staff to run various components of practice or contests. Each student may become a contributing member of a team through their hard work and dedication. Athletic team managers can also earn community service hours.