PV Schools

Communication between coach and player is essential for a successful team. Student athletes are encouraged to communicate with their coach if they have questions or concerns. Parents are urged to support their child’s coach, allowing them to instruct and guide the team. Parents should avoid questioning or confronting a coach immediately after a contest. Parents wanting to discuss a problem with a coach should make an appointment with them so that issues can be discussed in a calm, courteous, and professional manner. The Director of Athletics can assist coaches and parents in scheduling or facilitating these meetings.

There are certain things a parent can expect from a coaching staff:

  • Coach’s philosophy.
  • Expectations for student athletes.
  • Information about the student/athlete code of conduct.
  • Practice and game times and dates.

Communication coaches expect from parents:

  • Encourage your child to commit to team goals.
  • Help teach responsibility and accountability with respect to hard work and dedication.
  • Be positive about the program. Encourage your child to speak directly to the coach with
  • concerns. Negative talk is not productive.

Appropriate concerns to discuss with coaches:

  • Way to help your child improve.
  • Concerns about health, academics or behavior.
  • Family issues that may affect your child.

Issues not appropriate to discuss with coaching staff:

  • Playing time
  • Team strategy
  • Roster decisions
  • Other student athletes
  • Statistics

Our goal is to create clear communication between the players and the coaching staff. Our players are encouraged to approach the coaching staff at any time, about anything. The players are encouraged to talk to the coaching staff about their role, playing time and how they can improve.

Parents are expected to behave in a respectful manner when attending games. Taunting players, fans, or engaging game officials is not acceptable behavior. It does not reflect well on our program or our institution. Our coaching staff is committed to develop all of our student/athletes. The team will always come before individuals whenever decisions are made. With your support, we look forward to making this season a huge success.