Dear PVHS Parents/Guardians and Students,

This is not an easy time for families and I hope that everyone in your household is holding up well and is healthy. Just a short time ago teachers and students were unfamiliar with video conferencing tools such as Zoom and Google Meet and in a little over a month have transitioned to a complete online learning platform to maintain social distancing. This has been a huge adjustment for students and teachers. We have been working hard with teachers to find a balance through this crisis where we keep students engaged in the learning, yet keep in mind that families are dealing with significant stress during this global pandemic.

After careful consideration, the following grading procedures for the 4th quarter will be implemented given the current circumstances with COVID-19, school closures, and distance learning. 

  • The 4th quarter begins Monday, April 20th. 
  • Due to the severe nature of this crisis, we do not want our grading practices during this time to adversely affect the representation of our students. Therefore, the lowest grade that a student will receive for the 3rd and 4th quarters is 55
  • For the 3rd quarter, a student may also receive an INC and will have until May 1st to make up all work.
  • Students enrolled in college-level courses (ex: DCC, SUNY, etc.) will be expected to continue work on those classes and receive grades to receive college credit.
  • Regents exams have been canceled by The New York State Education Department. Any child that was expected to sit for an exam will receive credit for that exam.
  • The International Baccalaureate Program has canceled all exams for this spring and students have completed the internal assessments.
  • The College Board has a special schedule for revised shorter 45 minute AP exams. If your child is taking an AP exam, please check your emails for information from the College Board.
  • PVHS will not be giving Final Exams this June. We would be unable to provide students with all of the necessary support to administer exams with integrity. 
  • Quarter 3 grades will be posted in PowerSchool by Thursday, April 23rd.
  • Our 4th quarter schedule will look a little different. Each day will be the same number day every week. Therefore, the schedule will look like: Monday (day 2) Tuesday (day 3) Wednesday (day 5) Thursday (day 6) every week for the duration of the 4th quarter. This will simplify things for students who are having difficulty keeping organized.  On Fridays, we will focus on emotional wellness and connections where teachers meet and greet with students, have fun activities, and hold meetings for students and parents. If you feel your child is struggling, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the teacher to help support you at home with your child. Furthermore, all of our counselors are also available for support as well.

This is a very sad time for students as they miss out on the traditional high school activities that happen each spring. As Dr. Micera noted in his Young Frankenstein communication, students worked very hard on the spring production and were almost ready for the final performances before we left in March. These students have handled the cancelation with maturity and I look forward to a time when they can take the stage again to perform their hearts out.

As we wait for further guidance from Governor Cuomo on how the school year will conclude, I will keep you posted on other upcoming PVHS events and ideas on how we can support our students with positive experiences during this time.

Thank you for your support during this time. Your children are greatly missed and in our thoughts and hearts.

Sandra Intrieri