Dear Parents and Families,

We are starting to see a rise in the number of positive COVID cases leading to more students quarantined. Consequently, we developed some basic questions and answers to help guide parents through the quarantine process.

Who quarantines?

Technically any child within 6 feet for more than 10 minutes is considered a prolonged exposure and should be quarantined. However, the Department of Health has stated a different rule for the classroom to keep children in school. For this reason, anyone in a classroom with a mask worn properly and with at least 3 feet of separation will not have to quarantine.  In addition, as stated by the Department of Health, any child that is at least 2 weeks past their second vaccination, as well as anyone who tested positive for COVID within the last 90 days will not have to quarantine.

There are two areas where we see students are getting quarantined in higher numbers, lunchtime and the bus.

How long does my child have to quarantine?

Only the Department of Health has the authority to quarantine students. Once a positive case is communicated to the school, the school will notify parents/guardians that their child has been a close contact of a positive case and may not come to school and is suggested to quarantine. At the time of notification to families, the school gives an estimated date of return to school. The Department of Health will follow up with an official quarantine release date that must be sent to the school nurse, Ms. Wymore ( If you do not receive any documentation from the Department of Health, the quarantine instructions from the school should be followed.

What instruction does my child receive while quarantined from PVHS?

All teachers are required to have face-to-face meeting time with students while students are quarantined. Teachers receive a list of students who are quarantined and follow up with either a group or individual video session to review lessons, go over individualized work, and answer clarifying questions.  Most teachers will use Google Classroom to assign work and communicate. Students should check their emails regularly and reach out through email to their teachers with questions and concerns.

We appreciate your patience during this challenging time. Quarantines are not easy on families, students, and teachers; however,  we will strive to create a positive educational experience regardless of the obstacles we face. The partnership between school and home is essential and we are grateful for your support!


Dr. Sandra Sepe
Mr. Matthew Mello