Dear PVHS Families,

We have a unique opportunity this summer to offer a series of two-hour picnics to acclimate students back into a school setting. We want to give all students the chance to socialize with peers, meet teachers, and have some fun during the summer months. Every Wednesday during the summer we will hold a two-hour picnic from 1pm-3pm focusing on a different subject area. Our librarian, Mrs. DeMaine will also be on-site for any student who has research questions or would like to take out a book.  This program is specifically geared towards welcoming new students to our building, rising 8th graders, and rising 9th graders who are not as familiar with our building. We hope you will join us for some unique and fun experiences!

Please fill out the Google Form to let us know if you are interested in attending! FORM

Sandra Intrieri

Name of Class


Class Description

The Science of Ice Cream


In this class students will learn about the chemistry of making ice cream while following the scientific method. Not only will each participant get a sneak peak of science class they will be able to make some delicious dessert.

Google Form Escape Room: PVHS Edition


The Google Form Escape Room will help incoming and current PVHS students get acclimated to the building.  Students will complete tasks and puzzles that help them build connections with others while learning about and exploring: the values of our school, the names of faculty and staff, the layout of the high school building, the block schedule, academic resources, etc.

Geometry Fractal Cards


Remember the song “Let It Go” in Frozen?  Elsa sings about “frozen fractals”?

Well, what is a fractal? And how do we make one?

Come to learn what a fractal is and make yourself a Welcome to PVHS Fractal card!

Hands on Arts


Explore your creative side by trying out a variety of art media and techniques. Bring in a white shirt and create a cool and unique tie-dye. Practice printmaking by making some monoprints. Use special light-sensitive paper to create some Photography-style prints on Nature Print Paper. Each project is designed for you to add your own creative twist.

Exploring World Cultures Through Monuments


Students will brainstorm a variety of different monuments from multiple countries as part of their International awareness and look at images that correspond. Then, students will compete to build a replica Eiffel Tower using dried spaghetti and mini marshmallows.

Jump Into History


In this class, students will examine what type of historical topics will be covered through the film “Remember the Titans” and a brief overview of the historical thinking skills needed.

There is no school for students on Monday, April 22, 2024