Dear PVHS Families,

Our high school counselors are integral to the success of each child in our building. They lay the foundation for academic achievement, in addition to helping our students to grow socially and emotionally from the first-day students enter the high school. As some of you may know, we will have a change in our counseling team for the 2019-2020 school year. Mrs. Kilduff will be moving from the high school to Putnam Valley Elementary School next year to support our elementary team in the area of student social-emotional wellbeing. We are very grateful to Mrs. Kilduff for her many years of service to students in the high school and we know that she will be a great addition to students in elementary school.

In her place, Mrs. Dina Castrillon, whom many of you know as the counselor at the middle school, will be moving to our building. Mrs. Castrillon is an experienced counselor who is eager to join our high school counseling team alongside Mr. Campion and Mrs. Davino.  Since students know Mrs. Castrillon from the middle school, she will be a familiar and comforting face, especially for our transitioning 9th graders. We recognize that a change in counselors can be disconcerting, especially during the college application process. However, Mrs. Kilduff and Mrs. Castrillon will be making plans to ensure that all students on their caseload have a smooth transition between counselors. They will be working very closely together over the next few months to review all caseload information in order to provide your child with the best opportunities for success next year. We look forward to welcoming Mrs. Castrillon who will begin at the high school on July 1, 2019.


Dr. Sandra Intrieri