Dear Parents and Guardians,

Now that we are in the 2nd semester and headed towards spring testing, Mr. Mello and I would like to take this opportunity and update you on the Advanced Placement exams for 9th, 10th, and 11th graders, and the end-year process for the International Baccalaureate Program for seniors.

AP Courses
The AP exams will be given ​electronically​ during SESSION 2 from ​May 18th to June 9th.​ This format and session will allow students the opportunity to test ​in school or at home ​at the prescribed test time. All AP teachers are aware of this change and have communicated this update to their students. The College Board will be releasing more information about the digital format and requirements in a couple of weeks.

IB Courses
Due to Covid restrictions, the International Baccalaureate external exams (EA’s) will not be given at Putnam Valley High School this year. The internal assessments (IA’s)that each student has been researching in their courses, along with the specified IB course work, will be used to determine the students’ final assessment grade. IB Teachers have been in communication with the students to inform them of how the 2021 assessment process will work.

Please keep in mind that only IB students in the following courses: IB Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, or Environmental Science, along with ​YEAR 2 senior IB students​ who will be completing the IB course this year will be subject to completing the IA’s and coursework. (​Most juniors are in year 1 and therefore this testing model does not apply to them.​ Moving forward, juniors will have both External Assessments (EA) and Internal Assessments (IA’s) for next year.)

Listening Hour
Mr. Mello and I will hold a ​Spring Listening Hour​ to address any questions that you may have. We will send out additional information on testing, the Listening Hour etc. after we receive further guidance from the College Board and the IB Organization.

Sandra Intrieri