Dear Putnam Valley Parents and Guardians, 

We are very excited to open school once again for a new year! It’s been too long since students were in the building and shared warm greetings with each other. This will be an unprecedented school year ahead with the changes we have made due to CDC guidelines. Please review all of the included material (schedules, dates, etc.) with your child(ren) so that they are familiar with new procedures when they arrive on their first day of school. We will do everything possible under these conditions to make this a positive experience for all students when they enter the building or access classes remotely. 

PVHS is proudly entering the second year of the International Baccalaureate Program! The IB approaches to learning and teaching challenge students to understand other people’s perspectives while focusing on collaboration and critical thinking to solve local and world problems. We are very passionate at PVHS that all students access the IB program through IB English SL in 11th grade with the opportunity to take the second year of this course in 12th grade for an IB certificate. This course enables all students the opportunity to participate in the program and attain college level work that will equip students with the 21st century skills needed for the next stage of their education. Additionally, we will also have our first group of IB Diploma Candidates taking year 2 offerings leading to the awarding of the first PVHS IB diplomas! If you have any questions about the PVHS IB Diploma Program, please contact IB Diploma Coordinators Mr.Lathrop ( and Mr. DeGregorio ( 

Additionally, we have also made one Advanced Placement course change. Advanced Placement World History has moved from a 10th grade course option to a 9th Grade course option for advanced students and AP European History has been added to our 10th grade offerings to better prepare students for the academic rigor of History of the Americas course in the 11th grade. 

One of the major concerns during this crisis is how we transition students to the high school from 8th grade. If you have not watched our 9th grade Orientation video, it is posted on the PVHS website. This video is a recording of last year’s orientation and discusses the major academic offerings to students at the high school. Additionally, our Big Buddy Program led by Mrs. DiSiena and Mrs. Penta has taken off! In the late spring, Big Buddies met on small Google Meets with 8th graders and showed a virtual tour of the building as well as answered questions from 8th graders. Big Buddies have additional events planned for opening and our Freshman Foundation Advisors, Mrs. Frye and Ms. Sullivan organized a welcome video for all 9th graders and a series of informational Google Meet sessions that 9th graders should attend when home during the first week of school. Mr. Mello and I loved greeting 8th graders in the spring during their 8th grade car parade and we look forward to seeing them again for the first day of school in the building on Tuesday, September 8th and Wednesday, September 9th.

As Dr. Luft stated in his update, we will stagger the opening of school to help orient students back to the building and review new COVID procedures. The first day of school in the building for each grade level is listed below. Each day during the first week of school will be a 9 period day for students. This will enable all students to meet all of their teachers for the year. Students who are not in the building will receive information from their teachers about how to log on REMOTELY from home.

PVHS First Day of School In the Building!

September 8th: 9th and 10th graders (A-K)
September 9th: 9th and 10th graders (L-Z)
September 10th: 11th and 12th graders (A-K)
September 11th: 11th and 12th graders (L-Z)

PVHS 9th Grade Orientation

Please click on the links below for Freshmen Orientation meeting dates, times and Google Meet links as well as basic school information for 9th graders.
Freshmen Orientation Meetings: Google Meet Times and Links

Basic School Information For 9th Grade Students

Grades 10, 11, 12 Week 1: Community Meetings

We are ready to welcome our new senior class, the Class of 2021! Last year was very challenging for the Class of 2020, as they missed many important milestones. We are very aware that this year’s group of seniors also faces uncertainty with the rescheduling of many important standardized tests, such as the SAT’s and the college application process. Ms. Davino, Mrs. Castrillon and Mr. Campion are well prepared to support students through these challenges and have set up virtual systems to help students on this journey. Please read the upcoming “Guidance Notes” for important college application information! 

Mr. Mello and I will be meeting with each grade level for our traditional PVHS Community Meetings. However, since we are not allowed to hold assemblies due to CDC guidelines, we will be holding the meetings when the students are at home remotely

Community Meeting Schedule Grade 10,11,12

Date and Time Grade  Google Meet
Tuesday, September 8th
Period 7
Grade 12 (A-K)
Tuesday, September 8th
Period 8
Grade 12 (L-Z)
Wednesday, September 9th
Period 7
Grade 11 (A-K)
Wednesday, September 9th
Period 8
Grade 11 (L-Z)
Thursday, September 10th
Period 7
Grade 10 (A-K)
Thursday, September 10th
Period 8
Grade 10 (L-Z)

Daily Hybrid Bell Schedule

Please click on the link above for the daily hybrid bell schedule. Students will be staggered leaving classes when the bell rings by the teacher and extra time will be allotted between classes to allow students to physically distance themselves. 

10 Day Cycle Schedule beginning 9/14/20
(A and B day cycle)

(A and B day cycle)Lockers

Due to CDC restrictions, lockers will not be assigned to students at the beginning of this year. We suggest that students use a string bag to carry belongings and minimize bringing any other academic materials other than a laptop and writing utensil.  Once restrictions are lifted, students will be given new locker assignments.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures: 

To allow for physical distancing of students we are implementing the following new arrival and dismissal procedures:


Students who arrive by parent drop off or seniors who drive:

Main Entrance

 9/10 grades should enter through the left two doors  

11/12 grades should enter through the right two doors

Students arriving by bus:

9/10 should enter through the athletic entrance doors

11/12 should enter through the cafeteria doors


Parents should enter through  the middle row (faculty parking lot) and park in any empty space in the senior (upper) parking lot to pick up their child(ren).The SRO and other school employees will be in the parking lot to ensure proper flow of traffic and the security of students.

We will release students by grade.

9th Grade exits through the main doors
10th Grade exit through the athletic doors
11th Grade exits through the cafeteria doors
12th Grade exits through the main doors

PVHS Breakfast and Lunch:

We will still be offering food items individually packaged in the morning for students who need breakfast. 

We will also continue a Community Lunch time, but students will be restricted to one area based on choice and the CDC per person capacity of the area for physical distancing. Students will receive more information from Mr. Mello at the Community Meetings.


School attendance is more important than ever! Making connections with faculty,staff and peers is one way in which we strengthen our school community so that all individuals feel a sense of belonging and security.  All students are expected to log on to their class EVERYDAY even when remotely learning from home.  Students who have opted for the HYBRID instruction model are required to attend all classes in person on the days that they are scheduled to be in school.  Students who are scheduled to be in school and login from home will be marked as an Unexcused Absence. As a reminder, masks are non-negotiable and must be worn each day. Students will be given mask breaks when necessary in individual classes and during lunchtime.


BOCES held a virtual meeting to explain their scheduling options for the 20-21 school year. If you haven’t read the BOCES Reopening Plan, the information is posted on their website. At PVHS, students who attend BOCES will be transported on the day they are in attendance at the school building. Due to CDC guidelines, students will have assigned seats on the bus. As a result, this limits the amount of students each day that can attend the BOCES campus to those students that are in attendance in the building. Please note, that although BOCES is open all five days of the week, schools in our area are not transporting all students each day. The BOCES administration has specifically stated that the 5 day option is available for those students who have their own transportation. As a result, as you will read in the BOCES reopening plan, BOCES has set up alternate scenarios for a hybrid mode, and a virtual mode of instruction.

PVHS 20th Anniversary:

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of students entering Putnam Valley High School! We will be planning several celebrations throughout the year to recognize this important hallmark in our history! 

I appreciate the patience and flexibility that families have shown during this very stressful time for parents. With the new CDC guidelines, there is a multitude of new information for each family to digest and it can be very overwhelming.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at We will get through this challenge together with our child(ren) at the center. I am hopeful that school routines will be able to return to normal before this year is out and students and staff can unite in our school environment without physical distancing or special schedules.

My sincere wishes for a safe and healthy end to the summer season!

Sandra Intrieri, Ed.D.