Dear Putnam Valley High School Community,

Is it winter yet?  We haven’t had one day to skate on Lake Peekskill or Lake Oscawana, and our sleds are dry-rotting in the garage. The positive side is that there is a lot of activity on the turf field, and I’m not burning through home heating oil.

2nd Quarter grades have been finalized in PowerSchool.  The end of the 1st semester is an excellent time to review your child’s grades and attendance.  Setting goals is an essential component of success, and the midpoint of the year is the perfect time to reflect on academic progress and realign academic goals.  Please take some time to review your child’s academic standing and attendance and reach out to their teachers and guidance counselors for further support.

We have had grade-level meetings focused on course offerings for the following year and updated our Course Selection Guide.  Please take the time to talk to your child about optimizing their educational opportunities in high school.  Please contact your child’s guidance counselor if you have questions about specific courses or programs.  The Course Selection Guide can be found on our website at PVHS under the Parent/Student Resource tab.

Information about the IB program can be found on our PVHS website by clicking on the big IB circle.   If you have further questions, please contact our IB coordinators, Mr. DeGregorio and Mr. Lathrop.

Student driving privileges

Driving to school is a senior driving privilege.  We do not allow juniors to drive to school for several reasons.  We have noticed that our parking lot is starting to fill up with more cars.  This typically means juniors are parking illegally.  Juniors will be subject to disciplinary repercussions and risk losing their driving privileges for the following year.

We do not have an open campus.   Seniors cannot leave and return unless they have written pre-approval from a parent/guardian for an appointment.

Student Spotlight Awards

We will hold our winter Student Spotlight Awards on Wednesday, March 1st, at 10:45 in the Performing Arts Center.  Notifications will go out to parents by the end of February.  The Spotlight Awards recognize students who have demonstrated the characteristics of an upstanding PVHS community member.  We look for students to ASPIRE who are kind, stand up, respectful, and responsible.


Matt Mello
Principal PVHS