Dear PVMS Families,

Welcome to February and the midpoint of the school year.  We have a month full of activities and learning planned for your children.  Please take the opportunity to speak with your children regarding their progress this year and partner with us in reminding them to make good choices.

Our students and teachers have been working hard at addressing our NYS standards.  Take the time to discuss their progress with them and take an interest in not only their academic growth but also all of the great work being done in Advisory Classes in reference to social and emotional growth.

Our lunch and recess groups will switch on Monday, 2/11/19.  Those that eat second will now eat first and those that eat first will now eat second.  We will go outside for recess if the real feel temperature is above 28 degrees Fahrenheit so please remind your children to wear jackets.

On Friday, February 15th we will be sending home paper copies of report cards that will provide information for the first and second quarters of the school year.  Please be on the lookout for these and contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions.

An abbreviated class schedule will be implemented on Friday, February 15h for our annual student versus staff volleyball games.  This is a great event where our 8th grade students as well as our girl’s volleyball team compete against staff members.  This is an event for building relationships with healthy competition.

Winter Recess will take place February 18th and 19th.  Students will not have school on these days.

Chariot of the Sun will be performing for our 6th graders on Wednesday, February 20th.  Thank you to our PTA Arts in Education.  Jeffrey Benoit puts on an excellent presentation of Greek Mythology.

As always, we partner to give children the best experience possible.  We look forward to a fantastic February full of good choices.

Travis W. McCarty