Dear PVMS Families,

We have entered the fourth quarter and in thinking about progress, we want to be as informative as possible.  Our students are navigating uncharted waters while learning new standards and concepts with independent practice.  Teachers are doing their best to be responsive and provide feedback using various forms of technology.  Currently, all grades and comments have been updated in Powerschool and you should be able to log-on to see a (P) for pass or an (I) for incomplete along with comments for the third quarter.

Due to the prolonged and severe nature of the crisis, teachers will be assessing the fourth quarter using a (P) for pass or an (I) for incomplete along with comments for this period as well.  Please note that Powerschool will be updated along the way to provide feedback and progress for the duration of the fourth quarter.  Our Regents courses (Algebra I and Earth Science) and LOTE courses (Mandarin Chinese and Spanish) will be assessed differently and aligned to our high school.  These will be assessed numerically overall for their efforts over the entire ten weeks of the fourth quarter. 

To date, school will be closed through May 15th.  We are hopeful that these  assessment procedures will help to provide families with feedback.  Understanding that many variables exist and each and every household is different, our staff will continue to do their best to meet the needs of all learners.  Please remember that our partnership is vital and our students health and wellbeing is primary.  Reach out to your children’s teachers with any questions that you may have.

Stay healthy, be safe and thank you for your support.


Mr. Travis W. McCarty and Dr. Kern Mojica