Putnam Valley Elementary School

Dear PVES Families,

This week, we welcome the month of November! October was a quick month! Please check the November calendar carefully, as our students have certain days off for conference days, holidays, and early dismissals. Our Parent/Teacher Conference Schedules are filling up nicely. Please be sure that you have made plans to meet in-person with your child’s teachers, counselors, and academic support teachers.

You are also welcome to email your child’s Special Area teachers to set up Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences for the first quarter. These teachers will be available to meet in-person at PVES at the following times, but it would be best if you set up a specific time to meet.

Tuesday, November 8th: 11:50 AM – 3:00 PM

Wednesday, November 9th:  4:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Tuesday, November 22nd: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

You can set up these Special Area Teacher Conferences by emailing the faculty members listed below. Once they hear from you, they will reserve a time to meet in person on one of the conference days. Thank you for reaching out to these teachers via email to set up any meetings you would like:

ART: Ms. Carilli –  mcarilli@pvcsd.org

BAND: Mrs. Bennett –  abennett@pvcsd.org

INNOVATION LAB: Mrs. Bruno – jbruno@pvcsd.org

MUSIC: Mrs. Calhoun – mcalhoun@pvcsd.org

PHYSICAL EDUCATION:  Mrs. Aurigemma aaurigemma@pvcsd.org; Mr.Heitman fheitman@pvcsd.org

Thank you to the many First Responders who visited our school this week to share a story and talk about their important work. It was a very special morning, and we truly appreciate everyone’s time and efforts.

Thank you also to our PVES Building Steering Committee members who met for the first time this year to discuss and plan for our priorities for our school. We are so grateful to have so many willing and devoted volunteers!

And, of course, tomorrow is Halloween! Students and staff are welcome to bring their costumes to school to wear for a short afternoon parade, for students and staff only. Children will bring their costumes home at the end of the day for trick-or-treating at night. No scary masks or prop weapons will be permitted. We are looking forward to the child-centered fun!

As we approach the end of the first quarter of the school year, please check in with your child about his/her learning goals, homework and reading habits, and particular areas of interest. Please bring this information to your Parent/Teacher Conferences this month. This home/school communication is so very important!

Have a great week ahead. Happy and safe Halloween!


Dr. Margaret Podesta