Putnam Valley Elementary School

Dear PVES Families,

Happy Friday!  We have all put in another great week of distance teaching and learning together, and I am so proud of all of you! Thank you to the parents who are supporting this great work every day, and thank you to our teachers who are working so hard to connect with all of you and to creatively and effectively instruct your children through online lessons.  And thank you, most especially, to our wonderful PVES students, who are making the most of this confusing time, and continuing to learn and grow in healthy ways. We miss you!

As a school district, we are staying as informed as possible, and it is our mission to communicate with you openly and often.  Although this is a stressful time for all of us, it is no surprise that the Putnam Valley community is pulling together, and we are all trying to do the right thing to keep everyone safe. Thank you for staying home and cancelling even the smallest of social plans.  We are all doing our part to bring better days quickly!

Our assistant principal, Mr. Chickery, and I would like to say HELLO to the elementary students via these two short videos.  Click on the links below, and please show your children the videos so that they know how much we miss them.  Our students are so very special to us.

Ms. Podesta’s message

Mr. Chickery’s message

As time passes, and more events are cancelled, children (and adults) can feel increased feelings of stress and disappointment with this challenging time.  The link below offers support in talking with your children about these disappointments.  I hope you find it helpful. As you know, our clinical staff, including our counselor and school psychologists can be contacted via email as well.


Stay close to your families, and enjoy the weekend ahead, with some outside activity. There is lots of sunshine to enjoy today!  I am wishing you all healthy days of learning and pleasant family time.  We will all be back together before you know it!

Ms. Podesta