Putnam Valley Elementary School

Dear PVES Families,

Happy summer break!  I hope that the month of July has started off in a happy and healthy way for all of you, and that you enjoyed celebrating our nation’s Independence Day with family and friends.  We certainly wrapped up a wonderful school year with many celebrations and special moments.  I want to thank all of you for your support and participation throughout the year.  Our students have made us so very proud.

I am very pleased to welcome Mr. Thomas Chickery as our new PVES Assistant Principal!  After a thorough interview process involving the screening of over 20 candidates, an interview committee process consisting of teachers, administrators, and parents, and a full performance task presentation, Mr. Chickery was chosen as our top candidate over approximately 200 applicants.  Mr. Chickery comes to us from the Community Action School, where he has served as an Administrative Intern, an Athletic Director, and as a Physical Education and Health Teacher.  Mr. Chickery has a Masters in Educational Leadership from the College of Saint Rose.  He has also been part of the Center for Integrated Teacher Education Program, in the Educational Leadership Program.  Mr. Chickery is a New York State certified Building Leader and a New York State certified District Leader K-12.  Throughout his administrative internship, Mr. Chickery worked as a Grade Level Team Leader, designed and implemented an advisory curriculum, and designed online portfolios to be viewed by parents.  He has developed and led professional learning around instructional focus points and data analysis.  He has worked with the Danielson Rubric when observing classroom teachers, which led to focused feedback and teacher coaching conversations.  Mr. Chickery has also developed and led professional learning for staff around community involvement and school engagement.  I am confident that Mr. Chickery will be welcomed warmly by students, parents, and staff.  He will help to add to our warm and collaborative PVES culture, while continuing to bring new ideas to our high standards of instruction.  Welcome, Mr. Chickery!

Parents, please make sure that your children are participating in our PVES Summer Reading Challenge!  Information about the Reading Challenge was included in your child’s mailed Report Card envelope.  Our first Reading Challenge Check-in will be held on Tuesday, July 9th, between 8:15 and 2:30 at the elementary school.  We look forward to seeing you and distributing the reading prizes each Tuesday!  This daily reading and the practicing of math facts will help to provide your children with a very strong start to the school year!

Our Fourth Grade Moving Up Ceremony, which was held on June 25th, served as a beautiful celebration of our students’ PVES years.  Thank you to the PTA for all you did to make this day so special.  The ceremony was live streamed, and DVD’s will also be available at the end of the summer.  The DVD will also include the Fourth Grade Walk of Applause to the buses which was filmed on the last day of school.  This is always such a sentimental event.

As I begin my seventh year as Principal of PVES, I want to thank you all for helping to make our elementary school such a magical place to learn and grow.  Together, we are providing our students with a warm and engaging culture where the excitement of learning exists each and every day.  Our PVES students continue to amaze us with their progress and achievement.  And I get to learn from them every day.  I am so fortunate.

Enjoy these special weeks with your children.  Even the small moments lead to such meaningful memories.  Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.  My email is mpodesta@pvcsd.org.  I will be at school for much of the summer, and I am truly looking forward to the year ahead!


Ms. Podesta