Putnam Valley Elementary School

Dear Parents,

Happy Friday!  It certainly has been an eventful week with weather, and it seems that we will actually be looking forward to some spring-like temperatures in a few days!  The children will be happy to get outside for recess next week.  I hope that you all stayed safe in the recent storms.

Congratulations to our fourth-grade classes on the wonderful job they did in their Winter Concert this week!  The students were well prepared, even with several school interruptions, and the students and families seemed to truly love the performance!  Thank you, as always, to Mrs. Calhoun and Mrs. Bennett for your work with these young musicians and vocalists!

Today we celebrated Sports Jersey Day in school in honor of the upcoming Super Bowl!  This is also PV Pride Day, of course, so there is lots of blue and white in our building today!  The students love to come together as a whole school and sing our famous “PV Pride Song.”  This sing-along takes place at the end of all of our school performances.

February is Black History Month!  In each classroom, our students are learning about this unit through their reading, writing, and Social Studies activities.  Our main hallway bulletin board highlights important people in our country’s history.  Thank you to our teachers for always putting great effort into meaningful lesson planning!

As we approach the 100th Day of School, we can pause to make sure that our students are working with the best learning habits and study routines to promote academic success now and in the future.  Please always speak positively to your children about learning opportunities, homework habits, regular reading and math practice, and positive problem solving.  This has such an enormous impact on your young learners, and we want to work together to always build a strong foundation for the growing years ahead.

Thank you for your positive feedback on our recent report cards, and you for always reaching out directly to your child’s teachers with any specific questions regarding curriculum or progress.  We are always here to help, but your teachers know your students best.

Tomorrow, we will see what the Groundhog says about the number of weeks until spring!  I’m sure that the children will be excited to find out the Groundhog’s prediction!

Enjoy the weekend ahead, and the big football game too!  Thank you for all you do.

Ms. Podesta