Registration for Winter 2023-24 Modified (7th/8th Grade), JV, and Varsity sports will open on, October 13 at 8:00am and close Friday, November 3 at 11:59pm. Late registrations will not be accepted.

Register Here:

Important Information:

Tryouts and cuts:The first day of practice/try outs for JV/V sports will be November 13th, followed by Modified on November 27th. While our goal is to avoid cuts and remove barriers to participation wherever possible, cuts will be made if the number of registrations exceeds the number of student-athletes we can safely supervise and equip for play. Students who are cut from a team, when feasible, will have the opportunity to join another team for the season. Roster spots are not held for students who miss tryouts due to late registration, family vacation, school trips, etc. It is the responsibility of the student-athlete and their family to ensure that registration is completed on time and that all required documentation is completed before tryouts begin; tryout periods will not be extended.

Advanced Placement Process (APP): Middle School Parents/Guardians may not request that their student-athlete participate at a level higher than their grade-based offering. The Athletic Department will contact families directly if the student-athlete has been identified for possible advanced play. If a student has previously completed the APP for a prior season, they are not automatically eligible for advanced play in following seasons without prior approval from the Athletic Department (i.e. if a student passed the APP for the winter, they are not permitted to register for HS sports in the spring without prior approval).

Practices: JV/V practices may run outside of the traditional school transportation schedule. Coaches will communicate this information to families. Families and student-athletes will be responsibile for their transportation to and/or from these practices.

Modified practices will always end before 5:30pm to allow students to take the after-school loop buses home.

Merged Teams: Student-Athletes participating on Merged Teams are responsible for all transportation to and from practices and the host school for busing/game transportation. This applies to Girls Ice Hockey, Girls Gymnastics, Boys Swim, and Boys Ice Hockey for the Winter 2022-23 Season.

JV/V Sport Offerings:

Boys Basketball – Coach Morales:

Girls Basketball – Coach Deegan:

Cheerleading – Coach Wilson:

Wrestling – Coach Carano:

Indoor Track – Coach Sawyer:

For JV/V teams merged with Lakeland (Gymnastics, Ice Hockey, and Boys Swim, Gymnastics) Please contact Lakeland Athletic Department 914-528-0600 for information regarding practice times, head coach information, and other pertinent information.

Section One East Girls Ice Hockey Merger – Please join the informational page using code: 8H3WKY5Q contact Tess Brogan for additional information

Modified Sport Offerings (7th/8th Grade):

Boys Basketball – Coach Tarkington:

Girls Basketball – Coach Salerno:

Cheerleading – Coach Moran:

Wrestling – Coach info Mahoney:

For Modified teams merged with Lakeland (Ice Hockey) Please contact Lakeland Athletic Department 914-528-0600 for information regarding practice times, head coach information, and other pertinent information.


All home games held on the Turf, and in the Gymnasium, are live-streamed through LocalLive, this link will also include any away games that are streamed.


Your one-stop-shop for all PV branded apparel, accessories, and swag. Every purchase helps support our student-athletes. The Winter Super Store will be open soon and includes apparel for all Winter Sports as well as a fan store. The store will re-open seasonally in coordination with the athletic programs. Thank you,